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Imagine it. A cold Edinburgh Christmas Eve. JK Rowling walking through the snow, pursued by a journalist. “What are you going to write after Harry Potter? The difficult second album…” Later, JK sits down to write. At the same time, a Space Bug (maybe the same as Donna’s time-psych creature in 4.11), probably put there by the Rita Skeeter-type journalist, leaps onto her back. ZAP! JK’s imagination becomes real! A world of Victorian magic replaces the present-day world. The Doctor arrives and has to battle through a world of witches and wizards, with wands and spells and CGI wonders, to reach JK Rowling at the heart of it all…

Russell T Davies thinking about having JK Rowling as a guest on Doctor Who.

in The Writer’s Tale, p167.

(via theladyinthefireplace)
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